O’Brien Investment Management is an independent, registered investment advisory firm. To be an RIA one is required to always put the client’s interest first. For over 25 years, I have enjoyed having the opportunity to develop wonderful relationships while adhering to this high standard. I am proud to continue this tradition of service with my son, Jack, and my colleague of over 20 years, Sandra Wright.

Investment Management

We take a thoughtful and patient approach to building personalized portfolios using individual stocks and bonds. Our clients have unique objectives, existing investments and preferences on how they would like to achieve their financial goals. Therefore, we manage portfolios customized for each individual client.

Wealth Management

We believe that the concept of wealth management becomes a reality when a team of independent experts collaborate on behalf of a mutual client. Integrating your investment management, tax preparation, estate planning and insurance coverage achieves greater benefits than addressing each of these areas independently. If having your portfolio manager, accountant, attorney and other professionals working together for you sounds appealing, please contact us to begin making that your reality.